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The world has changed. Work + life are now very different for people approaching their fifties and beyond, and we need to create new pathways through the possibilities. Would you like to find out what the next stage of your life could offer?

As we approach our 50s, many of us begin to rethink our working lives. Some of us want to change our career or job; others want to work less or work differently, still others want to start a business. It’s common to feel stuck and confused.

I understand because I’ve been there myself – and I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who’ve felt the same. Through my Programs and Workshops, I work with you to create a clear path forward and reinvent your working life.

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Programs and Workshops

Whether you want to change your career, transition to retirement, become a seniorpreneur or get help finding a job over 50, my programs and workshops help you reinvent your work…and life.

Escape Hatch Program

Do you feel like jumping ship, but are not sure how to find the exit? This 7-session program can help you find an alternate career path that inspires you, and work out how to get there.

Second Act Program

Whether you want to keep working as you are now, change jobs or transition to flexible work, volunteering or retirement, it’s time to think about a future beyond working ‘til you drop.

Land that job Workshop

In this workshop a panel of experts explore the essentials for job-seekers over 40. It’s for you if you are out of work, or haven’t changed jobs for a while and want all the latest tricks and tips.

Kickstart Your Business Workshop

Are you thinking about a business? Not sure if it’s for you? Do you have a clear idea, or maybe only the start of something? In this workshop you’ll explore the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Journey Without Maps Workshop

In this fun and practical workshop you will take a snapshot of your life and work today – and start to create your strategic map for the next stages of your life.

Upcoming events.

Journey Without Maps. Are you looking ahead to the next decades of your working life? Maybe you are wanting to change careers or start a business? Or do you want to adjust the balance between work and the other things you want to do? Our next workshop is on 12 March 2016, and the last workshop sold out – so contact Joanna for more info, or book now to ensure your place.

Did you know that the fastest growing category of workers in Australia is people over 63? Or that having a sense of purpose cuts your risk of heart attack? And that Deloitte Access Economics says an extra 3% of participation in our workforce by the over 55s would add $33 billion to GDP? 

To download the full ‘Journeys Without Maps’ special report or one of my many other reports Click Here

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