Escape Hatch

Do you want to change your career? Are you sick of dragging yourself to work or sticking with an unsatisfying career just because it’s what you’ve always done?

It’s time to find an alternative career path that inspires you.

Split into 4 chunks, and delivered over 7 sessions, the Escape Hatch program is tailored to where you are in your working life. You’ll go from stuck and confused to clear about the future – with an action plan to get there.


The first phase is all about setting the scene – in a way you’ve never done before. We look at your goals, values, and beliefs, think about what you’ve done in your career so far –  and have you take the Highland Battery test, which assesses 19 strengths and abilities in detail.  It’s the start of working out what you do or don’t want in a job.


In Reimagine, we use creativity and logic to build on what you’ve discovered during Review to look ahead to jobs or careers where your strengths are best suited … and not. You’ll be using special tools to help you create a short list of possibilities, and you may find some surprises along the way.


Once we reach the third phase, the program becomes even more tailored to you. We use everything from real-life job experiments to more straightforward research to assess the ideas you had in Reimagine and make sure they’re practical and sustainable.


The final phase is all about action. We work with you to develop a strategic action plan – for tomorrow and the years to come. We’ll include the obvious tasks, and also look at how to work around things that might get in the way – from issues of procrastination and time management through to some excellent tips for maintaining momentum when obstacles appear.

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“I did [Joannna’s] Escape Hatch program. It made sense of what was happening for me and the program was spot on. As we progressed, Joanna diverged away from the program and customised it where I needed it; she skipped stuff that wasn’t relevant; she honed in on stuff that was. I was pretty diligent with doing my homework from the workbook and I found it a great process. I re-invented myself using certain parts of the old, like creating a new car with old parts! ”

— Emilia, 40

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