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Journey without Maps

Did you know that the fastest growing category of workers in Australia is people over 63? Or that having a sense of purpose cuts your risk of heart attack? And that Deloitte Access Economics says an extra 3% of participation in our workforce by the over 55s would add $33 billion to GDP? Fill in your details and we’ll sign you up for our monthly newsletter and give you the  full ‘Journeys Without Maps’ special report.

Encore Careers

Your career shouldn’t feel like a life sentence. So if you’re tired of dragging yourself to work, or sticking with the same old job just because it’s what you’ve always done, it’s time to find an alternative career path that will inspire you. This mini guide can help you get moving.

Same same but different

You may be happy in your current career, and plan to keep working because you find it fulfilling – socially and financially. However, as you get older your priorities will naturally change, and that’s why so many older workers seek greater flexibility in the workplace. Find out more in this mini guide.

Land that job

Are you keen to find a new job after a redundancy? Or would love to quit and find something better, but are put off by media reports about how hard it can be? Check out this mini guide for some tricks and tips to help you land that job.


Seniorpreneurs are the fastest growing segment of business startups. Entrepreneurs aged 50 to 65 have a faster-growing rate of entrepreneurial activity than those aged 20-34. So forget the myth that successful start-ups belong to the young. Find out how to kickstart your ideas in this mini guide.

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