Rethink Your Career

Are you looking ahead to the second act of your life? Maybe you want to change careers or start a business? Or do you want to adjust the balance between work and the other things you want to do? Is it time to think about retirement (or not)?

Whether your goal is to keep working as you are now, change jobs or transition to part time work, flexible work, volunteering or retirement, it’s time to think about a future beyond working ‘til you drop. And it’s time to look at the other key areas of your life – health, finances, people, places, identity and more – in a different way.

The world has changed and people now approaching their fifties and beyond will need to find (or create) new pathways. Would you like to make a map of what the coming decades might offer?

In this one-day workshop you will:

  • Bust some myths about age, and discover the possibilities for the next stage of your life
  • Take a snapshot of how your life and work are today, and see what needs to change
  • Start to create your own strategic plan for the next decades
  • Learn the tools to strategise your work/life future.

The workshop is delivered throughout the year by Joanna Maxwell. It’s run in a small group format so everyone has a chance to participate.

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‘I just loved this workshop and it was certainly worth the trip from Brisbane.  

I loved all of the research that you provided in the course, as well as all of the fun, creative and practical stuff – and I’m looking forward to spending some more time with the takeaway materials that you provided. So much of people’s focus is around the money that you have for your older age but your course reminded me that it is all so much bigger and broader than that.

I also loved your style of presenting – your authenticity, sense of fun, your broad experience and being able to have a laugh along the way. Thank you, Joanna.’

Jan Dalton, 57.

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