Second Act

Those who turn 50 in 2017 can expect to live well into their 80s or beyond. That’s a lot of years, and it’s likely most of them will be healthy years, too.

Think of the Australians you know in their 60s, 70s and 80s who are still learning, creating, helping or contributing in other ways. Some famous, many in local communities or workplaces. And that’s because increasingly, people are deciding to create their own retirement, by mixing it up and challenging the traditional ideas of what it means.

Maybe you want to keep working in some way, either because you don’t want to stop working or because you can’t afford to. Or both. Maybe for you it’s about the new retirement, where you make the decisions about what you love to do, and find ways to structure a life that is satisfying. You might reactivate an old hobby, go back to university, or plan to spend time with family and friends. You may discover a new sense of life purpose, develop some wellbeing goals, or find a way to give back to your community.

Lots of options.

Let’s face it: the longer we work and live, the more we need a strategic plan. Over seven one-on-one sessions, the Second Act program helps you create it.

Session 1

This is where we set the scene and take a snapshot of where you are now. What’s exciting about your life, and what needs some more zest? What do you already know, and what do we need to explore together?

Session 2

In this session we examine the elements of a meaningful life for you, start to gather the options and introduce the six core arenas of life. We use a comprehensive inventory tool (the Retirement Success Profile), an assessment of 15 factors that together can illuminate how you can construct a happy and satisfying life in your second act.

Sessions 3 – 5

Now it’s time to change gears and use creative tools to really delve deep into the possibilities. Taking each area that is important to you, we work out who you need to talk to, how to find a tribe or community and some ways to experiment and explore.

Session 6

It’s time to make choices and transitions. Together we repack your life and look at what’s exciting and what’s missing. We will work out what elements of your life will stay – and which ones it’s time to leave behind.

Session 7

Now it’s time for action. Together we create your plan and how you’ll get there. We’ll make sure you have a workable strategy that covers what you need to do — and some tips for helping to make sure it actually happens.

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As a coach, Joanna is wise, in-touch with your situation and no nonsense. I liked working with her. It was easy. I took her ideas as opportunities to lift my thinking. Joanna is clever enough to know that this was what I needed. After a while, I had to start doing the thinking by myself. As time went on, Joanna had me on my own two feet and I was able to walk away feeling I was doing well on my own.

Keren 60+


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